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      What color saddle pads can I use for Dressage?

      What color saddle pads can I use for Dressage?

      With dressage rules constantly changing, it is important to be on top of the USEF rules. Dressage saddle pad colors is a rule that is super easy to follow, but also easy to get disqualified for if you don't. Dressage competitions are a popular equestrian sport that requires riders to showcase their horse's movements and training while demonstrating excellent horsemanship. Dressage saddle pads are an essential accessory for riders competing in dressage events, but it's important to understand the rules and regulations regarding their use in competition.

      The first thing to consider is the color and design of the saddle pad. In dressage competition, the saddle pad must be white or a conservative color per the USEF rules. Day glow, glitter and holographic saddle pads are strictly prohibited. Any patterns on the saddle pad are strictly prohibited. Advertising on the saddle pad is acceptable for professionals if they are sponsored by the company but are prohibited for amateurs. As of 2023, manufacturer logos are allowed, but must fit into a certain size dimension. Additionally, the pad may have piping or binding consisting of glitter, crystals or holographic if it is tasteful and doesn't distract the judges eye. 

      It's worth noting that the regulations regarding saddle pads in dressage competition can vary by region, level, or type of event. It's always advisable to check with the governing body or show officials regarding any specific rules or regulations that may apply.

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