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      At Standard Issue Equestrian, we are equestrians creating for other equestrians while focusing on quality. Cali Shadonix decided to create Standard Issue Equestrian with USEF DR121.1 in mind. She saw countless Dressage Adult Founder holding her alaskan klee kai and a black horseAmateur friends get disqualified at tack inspection due to them having visible logos or badges on their pads. While the pads were amazingly beautiful, they were not competition legal. Who wants to have a gorgeous pad they can’t compete in? After searching for alternatives for herself to compete in, Cali saw there was a lack of understanding across the board about what is competition legal in the United States and under USEF DR121.1. Thus, Standard Issue Equestrian was born. Being an Adult Amateur herself, Cali strives to make the collections the highest quality possible while making sure you don’t have to work overtime to afford it. That goes for the pro’s too!

      Our founder spent months finding the highest quality materials with durability, breathability while still remaining affordable across the board. There have been no corners cut during any part of the manufacturing process. Cali has spent time with multiple riders understanding which features are important, frustrations with current styles and blended the feedback to create the products you see today.

      All models, product designers, photographers and web designers are equestrians. Unique innovations and quality while remaining competition friendly is our mission statement. From showing to schooling, from the flat to jumping, we make products that are high quality, yet affordable. Our products include but not limited to saddle pads, polos, polo wraps, fly veils, fly hats, ear bonnets.  We are based in the USA.


      Shout outs!

      We couldn't have made it here without the help and support of multiple friends and colleagues. As well as Cali's first horse Stannis. He was the one that helped her find her love of dressage and was kind enough to help her gain enough confidence to start competing. Although he passed away in early 2020, he lives on as a spirit and guiding force behind the brand.

      Rebecca Rosell has been a friend of the founder for the last several years. This would not be possible without her support, training, wrangling skills and ultimately her amazing horses. 

      Our model/rider Nicole Ellis has also been in our founder's life for several years. Helping our founder through getting her first dog, through working endless hours at start up company together, and now through this project. We are so grateful to have her involved with this project!

      To our other friends Miles Garcia (white background product photos), Lori Ovanessian (Photographer: Simplee Focused), Hayley Cavanaugh (model/rider) and Ezra Spurrier; thank you for believing in this brand. You have been instrumental to our launch!

      Lastly, we'd like to thank our friend Jeff Pringle for pushing Cali to start this product line. Without his advice, we wouldn't be here today.

      Big round of applause!

      Ride with Purpose,

      Standard Issue Equestrian