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      At Standard Issue Equestrian, we know the frustrations of adding things to your cart, then almost feinting as the shipping costs are calculated. Even though our bundles and pads are expensive to ship, our founder has wanted to make sure our customers get our products quickly at minimum costs. Thus, we are excited to offer free standard Continental US shipping on any of our bundles.

      'What time frame is standard shipping?', you might be asking. Well, the average speed is 2-5 days, depending on where in the US you live. Not bad if you ask us! 

      We also offer an upgrade to Expedited 2 day shipping at cost. Between us, I'd be willing to wait the extra time for the free shipping ;).

      Once an order is submitted, it does take about 3-4 business days for the item to be picked, packed and shipped. I do my best to harness my inner 80's kid and Tetris everything snuggly as to avoid any unnecessary movement in transit. Your set will likely come folded in half. Please unfold once received and give it about half an hour to uncrease. 

      Oh, you're ordering from outside the US? Well, luckily we offer limited International Shipping at cost too. We're going to be honest, it won't be the cheapest. We are looking on ways to bring down the cost in the near future. But we promise our products are worth it! 

      -Ride with Purpose,

      Standard Issue Equestrian